Friday, May 11, 2012

Kris Humphries disses Kanye West in 'Funny or Die' video

Kris Humphries is taking advantage of being voted the most hated player in the NBA and getting a poke at Kanye West at the same time.

West, who is dating Humphries ex-wife of 72 days Kim Kardashian, released a song saying he would have his pal Jay-Z drop Humphries from the New Jersey Nets and generally raps about how Humphries got in the new couple's way. DJ's started playing the song every time Humphries entered a nightclub and the big lug just sat back and took it.

Now, the Brooklyn Nets forward appears in a new "Funny or Die" video and take his own potshots at the rapper.  In the R-rated clip, marketing executives try to convince Humphries to channel his inner d-bag as a way to money.

The execs try to convince Humphries to "think Artest, Lambeer and Rodman" as a player fans "just hate."  He even wears West's pompous shutter glasses and pork-pie hat to bring on the hatred and is told his NBA player's face will be printed on toilet paper, urinal cakes and punching bags.

Humphries has paid his dues.  You have to give him some credit for withstanding that brain-numbing reality show with the Kardashian clan and the din of boos in every arena the Nets played. And he is a pretty decent baller.  At least now he's in on the joke.

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