Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mariano Rivera 'scared' about blood clot found in right calf

Mariano Rivera went to the hospital on Monday to decide which doctor would perform surgery on his torn ACL and found out he also had a blood clot in the calf of the same right leg.

The clot was discovered while doctors examined the torn ACL in his right knee, prompting doctors to keep the New York Yankees closer in the hospital overnight while he was treated with blood thinners.

The 42-year old Rivera will undergo surgery in the next week or two.  But first doctors want him to strengthen his knee and get a wider range of motion.  The clot was considered alarming and Rivera doesn't know if it was there before last Thursday's injury in Kansas City.

"I was scared," said Rivera.  "I've never heard good things about blood clots."

Still, the pitcher acknowledged that doctors would have never discovered the clot if he didn't damage his knee while shagging fly balls.

"Maybe it is a blessing; I always see it like that," said Rivera.  "I always say that things happen for a good reason. I was more concerned with the blood clot than the knee.  For a minute, I was like, 'What else would happen?' To me, it's a blessing.  I didn't ask why it happened, I didn't ask how it happened; I asked, 'How do we deal with it?' That's the way I wanted to leave it."

Rivera will be spending the upcoming weeks strengthening his knee for surgery and doesn't think the knee or clot will derail his comeback next season.  In fact, the injuries seem to reinforce his desire to come back.

"I will do whatever it takes, but if the leg doesn't come back strong the way I want it to, that's the Lord saying he doesn't want me to come back," said Rivera.  "If it's my call, I don't want to leave the game the way it happened."

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