Monday, May 21, 2012

Tebow seen palling around with Sanchez's best bud Scotty McKnight

It looks like Tim Tebow has impressed another New York Jets teammate with his lunching skills and— this time— the convert was none other than Mark Sanchez's best buddy on the team— Scotty McKnight.

Tebow was spotted with McKnight and the wide receiver's girlfriend, actress Hayden Panettierre, at the David Burke Garden at the James Hotel in Manhattan on Friday afternoon.  Witnesses said the the threesome shared mid-day snacks under a garden cabana.

"Tim held court at the head of the table and drank water while his friends ordered Pinot Grigio and Champagne," it was reported by The New York Post.

The Jets new backup quarterback's latest pal has been Sanchez's friend since grade school and is considered the starter's closest locker-room ally on the team.  McKnight,  a seventh-round draft pick who was just re-signed after tearing his ACL last year, could always count on Sanchez for support.  Some even thought McKnight was picked up this time to help soften the Tebow acquisition for Sanchez.  Panettierre and Sanchez have been close friends for years as well.

Tebow continues to be seen with numerous Jets teammates in public settings as much as Sanchez has been M.I.A..

Maybe the lunch wasn't anything more innocent than Tebow returning a favor to McKnight.  After all, the wide receiver did give up his No. 15 jersey to the new Jets player.

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