Monday, May 28, 2012

Marco Andretti's boot melted to gas pedal during Indy 500

How hot was it yesterday at the Indianapolis 500?  Hot enough to fell almost 200 spectators and actually melt driver Marco Andretti's boot to his gas peddle.

Track officials announced that the temperature had reached 91-degrees by the afternoon— one degree shy of the record set in 1937— but temperatures can climb as high as 130-degrees inside the race cars.

Andretti joked to his pit crew when he noticed the heat-related wardrobe malfunction.

"My boot has just melted to the throttle," he said to his crew while in the middle of the race.

They responded by telling Andretti, "We'll get some air blowing in there."


That must have been reassuring to the driver.

The only thing hotter than the Indiana heat wave was Dario Franchitti who won his third Indy 500.

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