Friday, May 18, 2012

Ejected Arizona fan gets support (and tickets) from Diamondbacks announcers

That was some afternoon out at Coors Field yesterday.  First, a swarm of bees invaded the park and delayed the game for about five minutes.  After the bees had been rounded up,  Colorado Rockies Jordan Pacheco homered into the left field seats.  An Arizona Diamondbacks fan caught the ball and did what any self-respecting D'back fan would do— tossed it back onto the field.

Well, Colorado police don't take kindly to that sort of behavior in them-there parts and they promptly escorted the young man out of the stadium— much to the chagrin of the Arizona announcers.

"That stinks," was one of FOX Sports Arizona's broadcasters, Greg Schulte and Mark Grace's remarks.  "He didn't do anything wrong."

The announcers in the booth were so mad, they rewarded the young man, Joshua Pickett, with two free tickets to the next D'backs home game.

It sounds pretty easy to become a celebrity in the Diamondbacks' world.  Pickett was even interviewed by a reporter as he left the stadium.

It does take a lot of guts to throw a ball back onto the field when you're the only one wearing a visiting team's jersey.  I wouldn't recommend trying it at Yankee Stadium— you may actually be thankful for the police escort out.


  1. Colorado police are corrupt to begin with, open your eyes. Nevada Blvd in Colo. Springs is littered with " Commercial Corrections" rooms for judges to fleece the public.

  2. Read the park rules next time! Haha. It is bogus, though, I thought Colorado would understand the ins and outs of baseball.

  3. What a waste of security! Get a life and a sense of humor!

  4. That's my brother haha & now he's bein recognized by the d- backs & other sources as well!!