Thursday, May 17, 2012

Justin Tuck: Giants want to make it a dynasty

The New York Giants had their second Super Bowl ring ceremony in four years Wednesday night at Tiffany & Co. and— when Justin Tuck took a look at both of his 14-karat white gold bands on his fingers— the first word he thought about was "dynasty."

"You get that first time and you're in awe, like, 'Oh God, this might no ever happen again,'" said the defensive end.  "You win a second one and you're like, 'Hey, maybe we can do something here.'

"Our thing now is we want to make it a dynasty."

While the Giants were mingling around the podium inside the famous Fifth Avenue building showing off their new bling— encrusted with  four diamond Lombardi Trophies,  a circle of 37 blue sapphire stones and the words "All In" and "Finish" engraved on the inside— Tuck was talking about becoming  one of the players who could make Giants history.

In a quiet moment away from the chaos, Tuck told quarterback Eli Manning of the future, "We have to play the games, so we might as well win them."

Manning was surprised when someone brought up the conversation with Tuck.

"Well, I thought that was a confidential conversation," laughed Manning.  "Justin was just talking to [owner John] Mr. Mara and he was saying no Giants player has three championships with the Giants."

"So we're setting the stakes high and make sure we stay motivated."

While the phrase "All In" was inspired by a speech given by a New Jersey teacher to a few players near the end of the season, head coach Tom Coughlin started using the word "finish" back in training camp.

"It means everything to me," said Coughlin.  "The word 'finish' really captures a lot of emotion for me. The fact our players can quote to you what this means to them and how they were reinforced by this over and over,  I think that says a lot.  I'll always look upon that."

Don't look now coach, it sounds your players will be using another word next year— dynasty.

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