Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rutgers introduces "scarred" helmets with new uniforms

Rutgers will have a completely new look to go with its new coaching staff this season thanks to Nike's Combat System of Dress technology.  The school unveiled three different uniforms— home, road and all-black for special occasions during a press conference in New York City this afternoon.

The new unis pay tribute to Rutgers long-time identity as the Scarlet Knights and feature the block "R" —popularized by former-coach Greg Schiano— over "scars" on the side of the helmets.

The helmets are brushed chrome— a shiny silver look— with the word "Knights" on the back.

The pants feature a sword look and the jerseys have slashes on the shoulder pads and more "scars" throughout the entire uniform to keep with the sword-fighting knights in armor theme.

The school said they wanted to tell a story with the look of their players.

"The best thing about working with Nike  was this was just not a uniform," said Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti.  "Nike did a great job helping us tell a story.  We wanted to honor our mascot, the Knight.  We wanted to illustrate what the mascot is.  We went as far as to implement battle 'scars' on these uniforms."

The uniforms will be included in a new deal Rutgers is expected to sign with Nike, which means the apparel company will pick up the cost of the uniforms.

Nike's latest product also delivers superior light weight performance and optimal protection.  The uniforms were tailored to Rutgers by featuring added inset ribbing around the shoulders that are made to look like iron plates.  The technology also provides abrasion-resistant screen print that the school claims, allows for even less "give" and fewer grab points.

The all-black Knight look will be used for a "blackout game" against Connecticut on Oct. 6.

New coach Kyle Flood says the new uniforms will make Rutgers "look like the class of college football."

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