Tuesday, May 8, 2012

O's fan gives Josh Hamilton's bat to Cal Ripken lookalike's kid

Josh Hamilton let a bat slip through his hands and sail into the stands at Camden Yards during a Texas Rangers- Baltimore Orioles game.  A mini tug-of-war broke out for the prized piece of wood before the bigger fan— who actually snagged the spinning bat— turned it over to a young kid in the same section of seats after yanking from the hands of a woman.

The fan— decked out head-to-toe in O's gear— who won the tug of war scolded the woman on the losing end of the tug and handed the projectile over to the kid a few seats over.

It's no wonder.  The guy sitting next to the kid had a slight resemblance to Oriole's popular legend Cal Ripken and— as anyone in Baltimore knows— what Cal wants, Cal gets— seemingly even Ripken doppelgangers.


Even if the kid wasn't with Cal II, everyone cheered and— amazingly— no one was hurt except for maybe the lady who got the pointed finger in her face.


  1. I'm lucky enough to know this kid, and I promise... nobody deserves it more than he does. A true and loyal fan of the Orioles and the game itself. Cheers to the nice man who made an awesome memory for an awesome family...and to Josh Hamilton who signed the bat!!

    1. I know this man, and Nice? Did you say NICE??? He is a jerk! Just kidding Harry. Harry is a Big Orioles fan as well and a verry nice guy. Way to go HARRY!!!

  2. The rest of the story...
    "Cal" is my kid's baseball coach and the "kid" is "Cal's" son. Really nice kid. The "lady" getting scolded is the kid's stepmom. I'm sure she was trying to get a souvenir for the kid. Nice guy handing over the bat! Very cool.

  3. Yay for the fans in Baltimore! Everyone ended up smiling. The gentleman who graciously relinquished the bat to the kid should feel proud of himself. He did the right thing, plain and simple.