Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why the San Antonio Spurs are the coolest team ever

You have to wonder why the San Antonio Spurs— the most dominant team in the NBA over the last decade or so— still have fans wondering how their "Happy Days" persona still intimidates opposing teams more like Fonzie's 'aaaayy' than varsity nerd Potsie's 'Hey Mr. C.'

Tim Duncan seems more like Richie Cunningham or even Mrs. C during his NBA career  and head coach Greg Popovitch laid back more like Ralph Malph at the team's playoff game against the Los Angeles Clippers during half-time while staring at a 10-point deficit.

Pops still sets the standard for every NBA coach during his low-key tenure and, even during the Spurs' deficit at half-time, before his team turned into greasers in the comeback victory

The coach, Parker and Duncan sat side-by-side and looked totally keen with the way the Clippers had been running over them and — in a way— knew they were done for.  Call it 'Jumping the Shark' if the fish was a 24-point comeback.


Tony Parker said it all about his coach's half time moment.

We have "confidence: and there's "no panic."

It's hard to root against the Spurs, no matter where you're from.

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