Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SMU rowing team gets foot up on Harvard Baseball team's video

It was already bad enough trying to endure the Harvard men's baseball team's synchronized lip-sync of the pop song "Call Me Maybe," now the SMU women's rowing team tries to go one better by doing it with their feet.

Last week, Harvard's video of the baseball team and their synchronized hand dance went viral and was a YouTube sensation but these women seem bent on topping the guys and even posted "Balls in your court Harvard."

Does this mean they want the men to call them and that we're going to have some kind of sync off?  If it happens, please do it to a less grating song.  Especially the guys.  And girls, throw some oars into the mix.

It must be kind of weird for the other cars driving by and seeing the feet flying in the air.  And don't they have seat belt laws down in Texas?

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