Friday, May 25, 2012

Dwyane Wade rocks pink pants before and after Game 6

Dwyane Wade brought more than his A-game to Game 6 in Indianapolis last night.  Before scoring 41 points in the Miami Heat's series-clinching victory over the Indiana Pacers, Wade brought a little Miami Beach style to the heartland by sporting a pair of bright pink skinny pants before and after the game.

Call them pink, fuchsia or a flagrant foul, Wade's fashion statement was only topped by the one he made on the court. 

 The color, mostly seen on Florida retirees or 28-handicap golfers were complimented by the soles of his shoes and a matching pink finger sleeve.

Wade was in a good mood after the win and had his own zingers for his fashion critics during a press conference.  LeBron James sat— and laughed— with (at?) Wade while the fashionista wore the the offending pants.

"Start off this interview by saying I know they're killing me in the studio over my pants," Wade said.  "They're just mad because they can't pull it off."


ESPN said James also took a jab at Wade before the game by joking, "Damn, for real, those are close-out pants?  And the finger sleeve?"

"You gotta coordinate," replied Wade.

"You look like Eddie Murphy in the '80's," said James.

"Eddie Murphy wishes he looked like me," Wade said back.

If pink pants inspire Wade to score 41 points and grab 10 rebounds, could a lime-green polyester suit be far behind?

And they're pretty easy to find in Florida.

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