Sunday, May 13, 2012

Derek Jeter gives pink bat to little girl

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon during the Yankees-Mariners game at Yankee Stadium.  While all eyes were focused on the return engagement of Andy Pettitte, a small gesture by Derek Jeter didn't go unnoticed by the sold out Mother's Day crowd.

While walking back to the bench after his first at-bat, Jeter slid the traditional pink bat players use to promote breast cancer awareness across the top of the dugout towards a little girl wearing big sunglasses and a cap.  A boy who looked like the girl's brother caught the souvenir and handed it to the girl without hesitation as their mom looked on.  He also might have prevented it from torpedoing the girl in the face.

While the little girl's mom is probably already a fan of the shortstop, it looks like Jeter is already cultivating a new generation of women to swoon over him after retirement.


Pettitte was a little less in-the-pink as the Yankees lost 6-2.  The leftie was mostly solid (6.1 innings, 7 hits, 4 earned runs), after being out of the majors for a year-and-a-half, but gave up a couple of costly two-run homers in the loss.


  1. jeter nothing but a class man

  2. He never looks good in pink.

  3. He'll be a first ballot Hall of Fame after the waiting period but he's already in the Hall of Class as a person - always was always will be. And I'm a M's fan!

  4. How do you spell Professional? JETER. He gets it.
    It doesn't take a whole lot on the part of pro athletes to demonstrate appreciation for the fans. Kudos to Jeter and the many other pros that do the little things that go unnoticed.

  5. Same class act today as he was the first time he stepped on the field.
    What a joke some can be from changing their names..Metta World Peace...Otcho Cinco to always talking and referring to themselves in the third person. Wake up!!

  6. Derek Jeter is a CLASS ACT,The Captain,Winner,NYC Icon,he just
    does 99.9% the right thing,the right way.He just made that little girl's day. Hall of Famer!!! No Doubt.There will never be another Jeter.His parent's raised him the right way.Go Yankees.

  7. As a Royals fan that grew up with the Yankees and Royals rivalry in the 70's and 80's, I can say without a doubt I hate the Yankees. But not Jeter, who is an all World Class Act, and first ballot hall of famer.

  8. That was awesome