Saturday, September 26, 2015

Eagles’ Byron Maxwell says growing up in the South prepared him for criticism

Last offseason, cornerback Byron Maxwell spread his wings and flew from Seattle to Philadelphia and signed a $63 million contract to huddle with a new flock of birds.

But as the Eagles' new corner prepares to try to cover Jets receiver Brandon Marshall this week at MetLife Stadium, Maxwell was flapping more than his feathers about his chilly reception in Philly after two games.

“I feel it. They’re cold on me,” Maxwell told the New York Daily News. “That’s fine. Everybody’s got their opinion.”

The City of Brotherly Love is a tough place to play when things go bad, but Maxwell, who hails from South Carolina, isn't fazed by the negativity. After all, he is from the land that's more than just y'alls and pecan pie.

“Everything’s in your face in the South,” said Maxwell. “That’s how it is in the South. They got Confederate flags running around. . . . I’m just saying. You’re used to sh-t. You grow up with a thick skin in the South.”

He may need skin thicker than a hog's hide if he continues to get burned by quarterbacks who have feasted on his neck of the playing field.

“That’s part of being the guy with the big contract and being the big free agent coming in,” Maxwell said. “I haven’t performed up to it, but it’s a new week against the Jets. I get to play again.”

Let's see what those Yankees Jets think about that.