Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Reds minor leaguer plays all nine positions in one game (VIDEO)

When the Pensacola Blue Wahoos — Cincinnati's Double-A affiliate — clinched their division with one game to go, there was a pretty good chance that some players would get a rest. But instead of taking the day off, shortstop Ray Chang took the opportunity to play all nine positions, a different one each inning.

It all started when Chang walked into the locker room and was given a choice by his manager, Pat Kelly: Take the day off or be a jack of all trades. Chang's decision to play led to a stint at first base, and then, like running the bases around the diamond, next came second base, then short, then third, then the outfield. Check out the boxscore:

The only problem arose when Chang was called in to catch Pensacola closer Zack Weiss — the league leader in saves and the owner of a mid-90s fastball.

"Catching [was the hardest] by far," Chang said after the game. "The hardest part about it is when the ball's in the strike zone, you know that guy's going to swing, but you have to keep focused on the ball and not the bat coming through the zone."

Chang made it through OK, though, and even tossed a clean ninth inning:

Oh yeah. Chang also went 3-for-4 at the plate and scored a run.

Take that Will Ferrell.

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