Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Jason Pierre-Paul posts video of workout without finger

Jason Pierre-Paul isn't letting the naysayers doubting whether he can continue his NFL career get him down and even posted a a workout video on Instagram to proclaim he’s ready for action.

“God can turn any situation around for the better,” he wrote. “your hard times will lead to the best times of your life. Don’t believe the hype … Be back soon! #90PC #ImAFighter #PutMeInCoach
In the 14-second video, Pierre-Paul is seen running sprints with weights tied around his waist in an indoor facility while donning Giants team gear.

The video, likely a response to those who are doubting whether Pierre-Paul can still play after his horrific Fourth of July fireworks accident, never shows a clear image of his right hand. Nevertheless, the absence of his index finger and a clearly bandaged hand is noticeable.

If he cannot play, JPP stands to lose his $14.8 million franchise tender and a possible long-term deal he was hoping to gain before the fireworks incident. If the Giants were to rescind the tag, they would stand to save $871,000 in cash and cap room for every game Pierre-Paul missed.

The Giants are still hoping Pierre-Paul is healthy enough to return to form as a premier pass-rusher who registered 12.5 sacks for the team last season.

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