Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Jason Pierre-Paul blows off scheduled appearance at NYC benefit: Report

Jason Pierre-Paul has become quite adept at blowing things off this summer.

Sadly it started with his fingers in a fireworks accident. Then it was the New York Giants' inquiries into his health and condition. And now, it was his first public appearance in New York since the July Fourth incident.

On Tuesday night, the star defensive end was scheduled to attend the Harboring Hearts Benefit event in Manhattan, JPP's first planned public appearance since his secret meetings with the Giants on Labor Day.

But, according to New York Daily News, Pierre Paul failed to fulfill his commitment to appear at the charity function.

The event ran from 6:30-8:30 and, possibly in JPP's defense, teammates Landon Collins and Damontre Moore were also supposed to be there, but they didn’t show either.

A press person for the event insisted multiple times that the three Giants were stuck in traffic.

And a dog ate their playbooks.

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