Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Jaromir Jagr makes no effort to stop blackmailer from releasing post-sex selfie (PHOTO)

Jaromir Jagr might have been one of the hottest skaters around the net a few years back, but these days, at least when it comes to blackmailers, the 25 year NHL veteran is cooler than the ice.

After an apparent bedroom romp last week, the 43-year-old Jagr shrugged off his 18-year-old partner's alleged extortion attempt, doing nothing to stop the scheming Czech model from releasing a picture of him sleeping in a bed alongside her in a post-coital selfie.

Jagr plainly refused to pay the bribe, which amounted to a paltry $2,000, according to Czech tabloid Blesk.

After threatening to leak the image to the media if Jagr didn’t come up with the two grand, the winger told the blackmailers to do whatever they please with the photo.

Blesk identified the two-time Stanley Cup champion and confirmed bachelor's latest conquest as “Catherine from Moravia,” a social media-happy brunette who should have done a little more research on Jagr before the Fargo-esque extortion plot.

And while the unmarried Jagr — who’ll begin next season next month with the Florida Panthers — basically turned this sleazy episode into a win-win for himself, his alleged blackmailer has the additional problem of having to explain her actions to reported boyfriend Czech junior player Domink Rudl.

And Jagr has the photographic proof.

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