Sunday, September 20, 2015

Padres send out search party to hunt down Tom Murphy's first career home run (VIDEO)

It's a scene any kid who played on a backyard field can remember — the one where everyone from both teams rummage through the wilds of suburbia looking for the game's only baseball which got hit into the woods.

And, although major league players always have more than just one ball to play with, the San Diego Padres bullpen got to relive that experience on Saturday night. After the Rockies' Tom Murphy hit his first career home run, the Padres knew that he'd probably like the souvenir and put together a search party to pick through the wilds of Coors Field and retrieve this single ball.

And unlike those sandlot games, play continued while the Padres attended to their quest for the valuable keepsake.

Just watch out for that poison oak.

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