Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Brazilian referee pulls out a GUN during soccer match (VIDEO)

You know things are really tough for Brazilian soccer referees when one of the officials packs heat with his red cards and actually pulls out the gun during play.

That's the crazy scene that unfolded when this pistol-packing ref in one of Brazil's lower league matches pulled out the firearm after things got a little tense on the pitch over the weekend.

Referee Gabriel Murta was furious after getting some rough treatment from one of the teams, but his reaction might have been just a tad excessive — even for those rowdy Brazilian leagues.

Murta, said to be a policeman at his day job, was allegedly kicked and slapped by players from Amantes de Bola, while the team's manager reportedly stormed the pitch demanding a red card.

The furious Murta reacted by racing to the locker rooms and returning with the weapon.

Murta will now undergo a psychologist test before the Minais Gerais Football Federation decided on a punishment.

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