Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Nationals' 'bucket of filth' might the the most disgusting celebration ever (VIDEO)

On Friday night, Michael Taylor walked off the Nationals with a walk-off 10th-inning three-run homer. In accordance with baseball custom, he was greeted at home plate by a swarm of teammates and Gatorade.

Only this time the swamp came with the gator.

And that disgusting brown liquid is not your ordinary Gatorade shower — it's the "bucket of filth," and might be the grossest tradition you might start seeing in other ballparks.

According to Cut4, the bucket sits in the Nats dugout, and around the eighth or ninth inning of a close home game, it starts getting filled with just about anything players can get their hands on — water, iced coffee, sunflower seeds, Alka-Seltzer and, a concoction the Nationals broadcasters claim has, "Gatorade bars for projectiles, because you have to do some damage."

Still. It's nothing a little soap and water won't clean up. Oh wait. That stuff is probably already in the bucket too. 

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