Thursday, September 3, 2015

Novak Djokovic dances "Gangnam Style' with fan on court after win (VIDEO)

Something was in the air at Arthur Ashe Stadium Wednesday night, and happily for Novak Djokovic, it wasn't the smell of marijuana

Moments after Djokovic's U.S. Open straight sets win over Andreas Haider-Maurer, the world's No. 1 men's tennis player broke into an impromptu dance with one of his better known fans in the middle of Arthur Ashe Stadium.

And his 'Gangnam Style' moves didn't disappoint:

"I'm glad that he came down to the court. It was not planned," Djokovic said later at his press conference, adding that he's seen the fan at his matches for at least five years. "He's a true entertainer... Each year I see him in one of my matches, dancing, taking down the layers of the t-shirts. But, you know, it never gets old."

Djokovic ended the dancing fan's 15 seconds of fame after he shoved an "I love New York" t-shirt over Djokovic's head, then ripped off his own to reveal a matching one underneath. 

I guess you could say it was love in the air. 

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