Friday, September 25, 2015

Student stands up for bullied blind classmate, gets thrown off football team (VIDEO)

A California high school student who came to the aid of a blind classmate being physically bullied by another boy is now facing consequences of his own after stepping in to stop the violent attack.

Cody Pines didn’t hesitate to help when he saw a much larger teenager in a green cap and red pants beating up the blind student at Huntington Beach High School, but now Pines has reportedly been thrown off the school's football team for his heroic action.

A short video was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday. It shows the unidentified blind student being harassed and physically attacked right before 17-year-old Pines jumps in and knocks down the bully with one punch. 

The blind student who had no interest or ability to fight back is continually punched by his assailant, only known as Noah. After Noah — who was later arrested — lands a blow to the blind student’s head, Pines jumped in from out of the camera’s shot and decks the assailant, sending him crashing to the ground.

“Trying to f*****g jump a blind kid, bro,” Cody said as he stood over the bully. “What the f— is your problem?”

The video has been seen hundreds of thousands of times online, and the vast majority of comments showed no sympathy for the bully, who was left bleeding on the concrete ground.


After the video was posted to Reddit,  many commenters called Pines a hero for taking such decisive action.

But apparently those in charge at Huntington Beach High School saw it differently. After the fight, Pines was reportedly kicked off the football team, the result of “zero tolerance” policies.

Now the Internet is trying to help. Someone started an online petition calling on the school to re-instate Pine to the football team.

The campaign's website states: "We believe Cody should be back on his football team and back in school where he belongs. While violence is never the best option what Cody did to defend his friend and classmate was justified.

"And schools 'zero-tolerance' policies out even the person saving disabled friends." 

The petition to reinstate Pines to the team is apparently working. It quickly reached its goal of 6,000 students, with many praising Pines for stopping the bully from inflicting more injury to a defenseless young man.

Hopefully, common sense will prevail over protocol in this case.

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