Saturday, September 12, 2015

High school football team scores 90 points and still loses

When a football team scores 90 points in a game, you can all but guarantee at least one Gatorade shower on the sidelines. That is except when the opponents ring up 107.

That's what happened Friday night in Pennsylvania when Meadville High School's football team defeated DuBois High School by that surprisingly not lopsided score of 107-90 — in regulation! 

Even the scoreboard had trouble putting the basketball-type numbers up for the final tally.

What's just as remarkable are some of the numbers put up by Meadville Bulldogs running back Journey Brown, who piled up 720 yards and 10 touchdowns and broke the Pennsylvania state record by over 200 yards.

At least the Meadville team kind of knows how DuBois is feeling today. Last year they scored 78 points and rushed for more than 600 yards, but lost, 79-78, to Warren

And I don't know if those Keystone state offensive coaches are geniuses or the defenses just plain out stink, but I want to find out how to get Journey Brown on my fantasy team.

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