Sunday, September 6, 2015

Kansas State marching band's formation gets a little X-rated (VIDEO)

The Kansas State marching band set out at halftime of Saturday night’s game against South Dakota to create a “Star Trek”-themed show that some fans are now saying set their phasers to stun.

As part of the show billed as “Space, The Final Frontier,” band members on the north part of the field formed a Jayhawk mascot. On the south part of the field, other members formed what was described as the U.S.S. Enterprise heading toward the Jayhawk.

 But it ended up looking more like the Kansas Jayhawk giving head. Or to paraphrase Star Trek, "To boldly go where no manhood has gone before ..."

After the game, the marching band’s Twitter account posted this: “We apologize for anyone offended by our halftime performance depicting the starship enterprise and the Jayhawk mascot.”
Still. Who knew the Jayhawk was actually a gobbler.

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