Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Florida Gators band told to stop playing penalty tune due to 'you suck' fan chant (VIDEO)

The Florida Gators marching band has been instructed to stop playing its "You Can't Do That" penalty tune after the athletic department received complaints of inappropriate language stemming from the chant.

Over the last decade, students have changed the "You Can't Do That" chant, which originated during basketball games, into "Move Back You Suck" for football games.

Jay Watkins, the associate director of bands at Florida, told WUFT the band decided to stop playing the tune after the athletic department received several emails calling the chant too yucky for The Swamp.

"The reason why it's been stopped is because there have been too many complaints from fans to the athletic department that the student section was saying something else that the fans thought was vulgar and inappropriate," said Watkins, according to WUFT.

Several fans told WUFT they want the 10-year tradition to continue and will do their own acapella version of the chant if they can't have the music.

The real problem is the few whiny fans who ruin some harmless college fun for everyone else. Welcome to these PC times.

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  1. That sucks!! Vulgar, no, rude and crude, yes.
    Tell the fan who complained on this video to find another seat if he does not like where he sits and hears.
    Maybe go to that SOW where other wheenies go, but very few as they still do not fill their stadium....