Monday, September 28, 2015

Victor Cruz insists he'll make season debut Week 4 against Bills

It was nice enough that the New York Giants celebrated a joyous victory over the Washington Redskins Thursday night, but now the team has found another good reason to work on their dance steps.

While indicating over the past three weeks that his strained left calf was getting better, Victor Cruz has finally made the declaration that he's ready to bring back his salsa.

In a video Cruz posted an online video Sunday, the receiver announced that he definitely will play next Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, despite the fact that he hasn't practiced since Aug. 17.
“I'm extremely excited to start my next game, to play my first game in this young 2015 season," Cruz said in the video. "I'm excited to team up with Odell (Beckham,) man. It's gonna be fun."
Cruz was working his way back from a torn patella tendon suffered in a game at Philadelphia in 2014, which ended his season.

So far this season, Cruz has been sidelined for roughly six weeks because of a left calf strain. Last week he was running at the Giants' practice facility and ran inside MetLife Stadium Thursday before the team's win over Washington. But to declare he will play Sunday despite not yet testing out the calf in a full practice is pretty ballsy.

"I just wanted to make sure that I'm 100% before I go back out there," Cruz says in the video. "I want to be clicking on all cylinders. I want everything to be full force just to prevent another injury, you know what I mean? So I'm excited, man. I'm excited for our team. We've got a lot of talent, a lot of young kids that are ready to play and that are playing very well, as well as some veterans that are playing well and really doing their thing. And now we're coming around; everybody's getting healthy again.

“So we're excited to make this push. We know that it's a long season and we have to stay consistent throughout the season, but I'm excited to come back individually and join my team and join my teammates and be that explosive player that I once was and be that again, and be confident that I can be that again."

Cruz ended the video with an emphatic: "The return is here."

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