Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jessie James Decker announces she's doing concert during halftime of Jets-Pats game

If Jets fans thought they heard the last of Jessie James Decker this season, think again.

James Decker, the tweet happy wife of Jets receiver Eric Decker, announced Thursday morning that she will be doing a concert during halftime of the Jets-Patriots game on Dec. 21 at MetLife Stadium.

How did the country singer — known for defending her oft-injured hubby on her social media accounts — give fans the news?  By Twitter of course:

Bet she sings "Stand By Your Man."

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  1. Puke -- not bad enough he's costing the jets about 5 million a TD, but he shoves his wife down everyone's throat as well. Everyone in NY has heard all they want to hear from the Red Neck wife.