Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Rick Pitino benched Chris Jones for flop against Kentucky: Report

University of Louisville junior Chris Jones was on the bench when the starting lineups were introduced before Tuesday's game against Long Beach State for the first time all season — and the reason was interesting.

The senior guard played only nine minutes in the 68-43 win, after Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino told reporters that he kept Jones out of the starting lineup due to Saturday’s well-documented acting job (video below) against Kentucky.

“I didn't start Chris, not because of his shooting percentages, I didn't start him because of the flop issue,” Pitino said of the embarrassing dive.

“I was very upset at that,” Pitino stressed “We don’t do that type of thing, and then to fake with the jaw like you got hit, you can’t fake like you got hit. You can’t fake it. …That’s something Louisville guys don’t do.”

After the game, Jones admitted he developed his fall-down theatrics at Northwest Florida College, where he was the National Junior College Division I player of the year in 2013.

“I used to be able to time the elbows in junior college,” Jones said. “I knew what guys were going to do.”

Sorry Chris. You're not on Off-Off Broadway anymore.

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