Saturday, December 13, 2014

Car lands in sleeping man's bed, but he's mad about damage to NASCAR memorabilia collection (PHOTO)

A huge NASCAR fan is lucky to be alive after an alleged drunk driver drove through his bedroom wall and the car landed on the bed he was sleeping in Thursday morning.

Terry Brouillette must have thought he was dreaming of a NASCAR wreck when the car came crashing into his Worcester, Mass. ground-level apartment about 2:30 am, literally stopping on top of Brouillette’s bed.

Brouillette suffered a cut to his forehead, but was otherwise uninjured.

But what really got the 71-year-old Brouillette's oil pan boiling was the fact that the out-of-control driver took out a huge section of his prized NASCAR memorabilia collection.

Brouillette estimated the damage to be in the “thousands of dollars,” with much of the items displayed across the room destroyed or damaged. The worst of it was seeing the pileup of his cherished die-cast cars featuring his favorite NASCAR driver, Tony Stewart.

"I could touch the bumper, I could almost do an oil change if I wanted, that’s how far she went," Brouillette told Boston TV station WHDH. "I figured somebody’s got to be up there watching for me, I don’t know why. It was more of a scare than anything."

Brouliette might want to start wearing an official Tony Stewart helmet to bed.

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