Monday, December 15, 2014

Philly politician calls Gov. Christie a 'Fat assed ... creep' for being Cowboys fan: Report

Gov. Chris Christie, that unabashed Dallas Cowboys fan from New Jersey, created quite a stir when he sat with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones during the Philadelphia Eagles' 38-27 loss on Sunday night at Lincoln Financial Field.

And it didn't take long for that kinship to ignite a social media frenzy.

Eagles fans called for Christie's impeachment and Cowboys fans in Texas were already casting their votes for the New Jersey pol if he makes a run for president were only some of the tamer comments.

But besides losing a few more votes in south Jersey's Eagles territory, the Guv lost all love from politicians across the Delaware River.

Earlier in the week, former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell called Christie "pathetic" for being a Cowboys fan: “How can a Jersey guy be a Cowboys fan?" Rendell said in a radio interview. It’s pathetic.”

But a Twitter rant by Philadelphia councilman-at-large Jim Kenney, a Democrat, who — after watching Christie high-five with Jones during the nationally televised game took his attack to a more personal level:

Rendell said Christie's allegiance to a division rival, while "legal," shows an "inferiority complex" and a need to be a frontrunner.

“If you are a Jerseyite or a Pennsylvanian and you’re rooting for the Cowboys, it means you’re not secure in yourself and you wanted to root for a team that was a team in your youth that was a constant winner," he said.

“Tell him I think he’s nothing but a wuss," he added.

Get over it Eagles fans, Giants fans already have.

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