Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis calls Johnny Manziel 'a midget' (AUDIO)

All of the uncertainty surrounding who will be the Browns quarterback when they play the Bengals Sunday has everyone wondering if Cincinnati's game plan will change if Johnny Manziel replaces Brian Hoyer.

Asked if that would be the case during an interview on 700 WLW, Marvin Lewis came back with a short response.

"No ... you've got to defend the offense, you don’t defend the player ... particularly a midget,” said the Bengals head coach.

Wow. We all know Johnny football is smaller than most NFL quarterbacks but come on.

Here's the audio track:

Soon after that interview, Lewis said he was sorry.

"I apologize to Johnny and the Browns and all the fans in Cleveland," Lewis said. "It was just a poor remark. I seriously did not imply anything by it."

It sounds like coach forgot one little segment of the population in his apology.

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