Tuesday, December 30, 2014

DeMarcus Cousins dunks all over Mason Plumlee (VIDEO)

Think DeMarcus Cousins still holds a grudge against Mason Plumlee for almost nudging him from a spot on Team USA last summer — even though both players made the team?

Maybe the Kings center's authoritative dunk on his Nets counterpart will convince you.

It looks like Boogie is still in the holiday spirit and brought a little Plumlee pudding to Brooklyn.

Cousins won that battle but the Nets won the war, 107-99.


  1. Cousins pushed off first, to clear the way to the basket!! Should have been an offensive foul! NBA Sucks!! His vertical jump was as about high as mine is now!! NONE Eh!!

  2. The guy that posted before me is the very definition of a haterbater