Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wisconsin and Auburn players chow down on 2,400 pounds of meat at Outback Bowl dinner: Report

When you watch a Wisconsin football game, it's hard to ignore those corn-fed behemoths lining up to protect their quarterback. But ears of yellow aren't the only thing they graze on and, when they got together with their equally big opponents from Auburn for a special Outback Bowl dinner, the wait staff knew enough to keep their hands clear of the plates.

The Badgers and Tigers players (who will face off in the New Year's Day game in Tampa) had plenty to eat for the special dinner Friday before the game. And since the matchup is sponsored by a steakhouse restaurant chain, you can guess what was featured on the menu — over a ton of it. 

The Auburn Gold Mine Twitter account tweeted out details of the carnivore's delight:

One Wisconsin offensive lineman, 320-pound Walker Williams, tweeted about his share of damage:

You were expecting cheddar and tofu?

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