Thursday, December 25, 2014

Cullen Jenkins calls out NFL on sack fine via Twitter: Report

Cullen Jenkins thinks that the NFL considers a clean sack more violent than brawling and isn't too happy about it.

The Giants defensive lineman was fined $16,537 by the NFL for Sunday's questionable roughing-the-passer penalty on Rams quarterback Shaun Hill. The 11-year veteran voiced his displeasure, first on Twitter Wednesday morning and later with reporters, over being penalized more than the players involved in an ugly brawl that led to two Giants and one Ram being ejected.

On Wednesday morning, he tweeted:

“The fact of the matter is I was fined more than people who got into a fight,” he said later after practice. “It was puzzling to me. I don’t know what their system is and [if] they’re grading on a curve or something. I don’t know, but it’s interesting.

“It always reminds you the type of league you’re in. … I’ve rarely been fined. It’s not like they can sit up here and say I’m a dirty player.”

Wide receiver Preston Parker, who threw two punches during the brawl with the Rams, was fined $15,000, as was defensive end Damontre Moore. Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was fined $10,000 and kicker Josh Brown and long snapper Zack DeOssie were docked $8,200 apiece, according to

Jenkins read off part of the letter he received from the league to reporters, which said: “Specifically on a pass play you unnecessarily landed on the opposing quarterback with your body weight.”

“That’s called a tackle,” he said, incredulously. “How else do you tackle? Come down without anything on them? They’re not even down by contact then. I did gain a little weight when I had the calf injury.”

Jenkins is unsure he wants to appeal the fine. He could simply pay it, which would go to charity.

“Maybe I don’t and just let the money go to charity, so it looks like they care about these things they talk about,” he said. “Who knows? I don’t.”

Here's the brawl:

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