Thursday, December 18, 2014

Luke Petitgout on Giants sideline angers estranged wife: Report

Former Giants lineman Luke Petitgout is facing charges of assaulting his wife in New York and New Jersey, but that didn't stop the former NFL star from hanging out on the sidelines of MetLife Stadium with his old team Sunday.

And Jennifer Petitgout was shocked to hear that her estranged husband was allowed on the field while facing the domestic abuse charges, according to Page Six of the N.Y. Post.

The perceived lack of good judgement by the Giants comes even while the NFL’s “social responsibility” team has launched a campaign of PSAs — featuring the team's quarterback, Eli Manning, — raising awareness of domestic violence.

"Luke was at the game with his kids, waving to the crowd," a source told the site. "This was the second time recently he was on the field, despite the NFL saying they’re clamping down on abuse. It’s pathetic. You need credentials to get on the field."

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It would be a surprise if the invite did come from the top because the Giants organization is normally considered one of the more conservative and image-conscious teams in the NFL.

And a Giants rep told Page Six that Luke attended Sunday’s game “as a guest of one of our suite holders. He was not there at the invitation of the team.” And “he was not on the field during the game. He was on the sidelines during pregame, when there are hundreds of guests ... To my knowledge, he was on the visiting side.”

Petitgout’s facing an attempted assault rap in Manhattan Criminal Court for allegedly attacking his wife at a Midtown lounge on June 5. He was separately arrested in November on sexual assault charges against her in New Jersey for allegedly attacking her at their home after she’d thrown him from the house. The night of that incident, Petitgout was also on the sidelines at a Giants game, sources said, as part of a celebration for ex-players including Michael Strahan.

Jennifer’s lawyer, Nicole Noonan, told Page Six: “The NFL is still condoning this type of aggressive behavior off the field, and only focusing on success on it.”


  1. I guess he does whatever he wants whenever he wants

  2. I wonder if he tried to get into the game today, I wouldnt put it passed him to try.

  3. someone better stop him soon before he does more harm like abusing his kids ?

  4. already has abused his kids