Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Jeff Fisher: Giants to blame for sideline melee: Report

St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher said his team did not instigate what turned into a wild second-quarter brawl (video at bottom) in the Giants' 37-27 win at St. Louis. Fisher pinned the blame squarely on the way the Giants responded after receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was thrown down out of bounds by Rams linebacker Alec Ogletree.

"To buy into all of our friskiness or all this stuff that they're referring to, I think it would be good if they look themselves in the mirror," Fisher told the St. Louis Post Dispatch . "They beat us physically in a number of instances, but I don't think we had a lot to do with those things on the sideline other than the attempt to break things up."

Fisher went as far as saying he would be surprised if any of his players got fined or disciplined for their actions leading up to or in the brawl. One of his players, defensive end William Hayes, was ejected along with two Giants, Preston Parker and Damontre Moore.

The Rams coach accused Beckham of pulling Ogletree down by grabbing his facemask. Replays seem to indicate it was Ogletree who, with a pile-driver move, knocked Beckham down well out of bounds — sparking the wold brawl.

“When you look at it really close, Odell has [Ogletree’s] facemask and he’s pulling him out of bounds, so it’s hard for [Ogletree] to let up.’’ Fisher said.

Giants safety Antrel Rolle said it was “very unfortunate that it had to come down to that’’ but had no problem with the response from the Giants.

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