Monday, December 29, 2014

Vikings player's fiancee catches his first TD ball after random toss into stands (PHOTO)

After Vikings rookie wide receiver Adam Thielen caught the first NFL touchdown pass of his career, he randomly tossed the ball into the stands. A typical celebration but, little did he expect it to be caught by someone he knew. Adding to Thielen's surprise, the showcase souvenir was caught by his fiancee Caitlin Graboski.

You might call this football's version of catching a wedding bouquet.

Thielen caught a 44-yard touchdown pass during the second half of the game against the Chicago Bears and excitedly threw the ball into the stands to celebrate.

By chance, Graboski ended up on the receiving end. She later posted a photo holding the ball with the caption: "You know I did!! Caught my boys TD ball."

"She was up there a little ways. I don't know if I got it all the way up there," said Thielen, according to ESPN. "She might have been fighting some people in the stands for it."

But Thielen did have a clue to where his fiancee would be.

The pair got engaged in December 2013 and are due to get married in May. Thielen might even want to consider taking his sure-handed, future wife's name — Graboski. Now that's a football receiver's name.

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