Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nuggets' Timofey Mozgov gets bloodied up on court (VIDEO)

Denver Nuggets center Timofey Mozgov took an errant elbow to the face under the basket in the first quarter of Monday night's game with the Charlotte Hornets and the big Russian looked more like he was subbing for J.J. Watt than playing in the NBA.

After Bismack Biyombo opened the nasty cut above his eye, Mosgov quickly leaned down and covered his face before removing his hand to reveal a gushing stream of blood.

Mozgov wiped it away, but the bleeding increased as he left for the locker room, presumably to be stitched up. The big man eventually reentered the game, but has just a pair of points and three rebounds through three quarters of play.

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