Thursday, December 18, 2014

Eagles fan posts Craigslist ad seeking secondary help and a new quarterback (PHOTO)

One Eagles fan got so fed up with the team's defense, he resorted to Craigslist with a hilarious ad looking for some help.

After the Eagles' secondary got undressed for 38 points and three touchdowns to Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant in last Sunday's loss, this ad appeared in the "gigs" section of the Philadelphia Craiglist:

We are a great football team with an elite Special Teams, Offensive unit and plan, and Defensive Front 7, but our Secondary just isn't able to help us close the deal. Can you play Safety or Cornerback? Are you willing to turn your head when the ball is coming toward your man and break up a pass? Can you keep your hands to yourself when you're not making a play on the ball? Do you know how to hold coverage, not blow your assignment, and let the Wide Receiver you're supposed to be covering have 20 yards of space around him while you're double-teaming a decoy? Bonus if you can complete an open field tackle or complete an interception.
Then we want you. Not much football experience or talent required, as all you'll have to do is be better than Bradley Fletcher or Cary Williams.

In case the fan doesn't get the defensive help he thinks the team needs, the ad also requested an upgrade over quarterback Mark Sanchez too.

If you know anyone who can throw a ball to someone 20 yards away without having it intercepted by a guy who is only 10 yards away, let him know that we might need him, too.

If you think you meet that criteria, respond here — or let us know in the comments section why you might qualify as an upgrade over Fletcher, Williams or Sanchez.

The guy might want to post this ad in Eugene or Tallahassee — just sayin'.


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