Saturday, December 20, 2014

Derek Jeter can't find baseball team to buy: Report

Pity poor Derek Jeter. And I don't mean poor in a financial sense. Or any sense, come to think of it.

The retired former Yankees shortstop has a sizable amount of cash at his disposal (net worth $185 million) with plenty of investors more than willing to throw money at the thought of partnering with the MLB legend. But sadly for The Captain, he reportedly still isn’t having any luck when it comes to buying his own Major League Baseball team.

“There are no teams available,” says Fox Business Network’s Charlie Gasparino. “Jeter is telling people he is modeling his post-baseball career after Michael Jordan’s,” a reference to his NBA counterpart's purchase of the Charlotte Hornets.

In the meantime, Jeter has been meeting with Goldman Sachs bankers hoping to follow in the steps of his former boss and mentor, the late George Steinbrenner.

“As he’s waiting for a potential team to open up, he’s putting a lot of time into this Web site, ... He’s looking for financing for this as well as to expand,” Gasparino said.

With the average MLB team price hovering around $811 million (High end: Yankees worth $2.5 billion, bargain basement: Tampa Bay Rays at $485 million), Jeets might have to spend more time cuddling with his girl, Hannah Davis, than huddling with lawyers.

Earlier this month, the ex-Yankee was spotted getting a tour of Marlins Park, fueling speculation he was interested in the team, but has denied it.

Contrary to what Jeter says publicly, rumors still swirl that the one-time Face of Baseball does want to become the head of a MLB team.

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