Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Matthew Stafford's wife goes off on NFL for protecting Aaron Rodgers: Report

Ndamukong Suh had a one-game suspension for stepping on Aaron Rodgers leg rescinded, making him eligible for Sunday's NFC wildcard game against the Dallas Cowboys. But that didn't stop the wife of Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford from stomping on the NFL.

Kelly Hall took to Instagram on Tuesday, after the NFL reduced Suh's penalty to a $70,000 fine, and referred to an article from The Detroit News that pointed out her husband too had been stepped on during the game too — and there was no punishment.

"Thank you. Pretty sure Matthew's leg looks a lot damn worse right now from when he got stepped on/cleated in the same game. But it wasn't Suh.. And he's not Aaron Rodgers, so no one would think twice about it," she wrote.

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Suh, who has a long record of player-safety violations, was suspended by the league for one game Monday for breaking rules of "unnecessary roughness." On Tuesday he was reinstated.

The video (below) shows Rodgers in a defenseless position.  Suh backs up and steps on the quarterback's leg with his right foot before repeating the move with his left foot in a display of "unnecessary roughness" the NFL said in a statement on Monday.

Wonder if Olivia Munn has anything to say about this?

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