Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tom Coughlin 'hopes' Eli Manning's back injury isn't serious: Report

So there was a good reason Giants quarterback Eli Manning hung out in the trainer's room longer than usual after Sunday's victory over the Titans after all.

Manning was listed on the Wednesday's pre-practice injury report with a back injury. But the Giants starter said he was fine after the rout of the Titans.

"Wear and tear of the NFL," Manning said afterwards. "Just getting iced down on things. Nothing serious."

The Giants don't believe Manning's back injury is anything that should keep him from making his 165th consecutive start on Sunday at MetLife Stadium against the Washington Redskins but aren't taking any risks.

So Manning, who was listed on the pre-practice injury report,  will officially be designated as a limited participant in practice, according to coach Tom Coughlin.

Still, there doesn't seem to be an alarming sense of concern that the injury is serious.

"I hope not," Coughlin said. "We'll list him as limited because of what you all recognized the other day. He was in the training room. He'll practice like he always practices, unless I hear different from him."

Coughlin didn't know exactly when Manning suffered the injury. He was hit hard when delivering a pass in the second half and got up slowly. Manning, who wasn't sacked for just the second time this season, took all but two snaps, which went to backup Ryan Nassib when some starters were pulled for game-ending kneeldowns.

"I don't know what it was. It's [a] back [injury]," Coughlin said. "He functions well. For reasons, whatever, he's on the list."

Manning went through his usual Tuesday routine at the Giants training facility so Coughlin didn't seem to think there was anything that would him from starting on Sunday. He even joked about the weightlifting that Manning usually does on Tuesdays.

"He squatted 450," Coughlin said. "He benched 375."

He was kidding. Remember?

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