Friday, December 12, 2014

Cam Newton says he's on God's fantasy team (VIDEO)

Some players might be upset after after an injury knocks them out of any game, but the fact that Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is even standing after a scary car wreck is enough to give him solace that he is a lucky man — even with playoff hopes on the line.

And Newton believes it's no coincidence that God is looking out for him — and for good reason.

"I'm on somebody's fantasy league and I think it's the man upstairs," Newton said.

Newton was released from the hospital on Wednesday after Tuesday's accident and on Thursday he met with the media and sort of joked that he's on the Big Guy's fantasy team.

Newton is likely going to miss all of Sunday's Week 15 game against the Buccaneers — Derek Anderson is officially the starter — but he doesn't care, pointing out he's happy just to be breathing.

"I feel great. I could be feeling worse, as we all know," Newton said. "I'm lucky to be standing here. God is good."

Probably couldn't get Manning or Rodgers in the draft.

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  1. Anyone else getting overly tired of all these Narcissistic Obama lookalikes?