Thursday, December 18, 2014

5-year-old does his part to save UAB football program (PHOTO)

The UAB football program was shut down earlier this month due to budget restrictions and one little boy in Ohio wanted to do whatever he could to try to help keep the program alive.

So five-year-old Bennett Williams sent his allowance (one dollar) and this sweet message to try and help out.

A few days after Bennett's father, Brad, posted the picture of the letter and the dollar on Twitter, the Blazers responded by hooking up the young boy with some free UAB shirts, buttons and other soon to be obsolete items.

The thoughtful Bennett's small donation may not save the UAB football program but, as his father told's Kevin Scarbinsky, he received a follow-up email that said his son would be receiving a letter from UAB's interim athletic director and perhaps another "surprise."

Tis the football season to be merry.

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