Friday, December 5, 2014

Feds knew of terror threats to New Orleans Super Bowl — including bomb plot to kill Beyoncé: Report

Federal agents investigated a series of terror threats including one against Beyoncé at last year's Super Bowl in New Orleans, a new report reveals.

The game between San Francisco's 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens on February 3 might be most remembered for the 34-minute blackout which interrupted the festivities but that might not be the only things that put the the public in danger.

According to documents obtained by News 4 I-team in Washington, the Department of Homeland Security kept from the public that there were at least four terrorist threats including an anonymous call made hours before kick-off which threatened to blow up the Mercedes-Benz Louisiana Superdome at half-time.

A timeline by News 4 I-team showed that the planned threats were to be carried out both inside and outside the stadium before and during the Crazy in Love singer's halftime show.

None of the investigations were made public until Thursday.

The sensitive security information, obtained from a Freedom of Information request by News 4 I-team revealed an unidentified caller used a pay phone to contact the Superdome with a threat to the stadium and the pop singer.

"The Mercedez-Benz building in New Orleans is going to blow up. It's gonna blow up after Beyoncé's performance," it said.

The caller was never found.

Another caller warned police that the Krazy Korner Bar in the city's nearby French Quarter, was lined with explosives.

It sparked an emergency raid hours before kick-off, forcing owners to clear the bar which was showing the game.

Minutes later, a bomb threat was made against the staging area of the stadium, prompting an FBI search. No explosives were found.

And earlier that day, more than 12 assault weapons were stolen from an unmarked New Orleans police car, including a semi-automatic handgun, an assault rifle, a tactical vest, swat team gear and a Taser gun.

There were no injuries or attacks during the big game and two suspects were detained in May. Only the swat team gear and tactical vest were recovered.

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