Friday, October 3, 2014

Tony Washington's 'bow' helps Arizona beat Oregon (GIF)

The second-ranked Oregon Ducks lost at home last night (this morning?) to Arizona 31-24, partially due to a ridiculous taunting penalty called at a crucial moment of the game.

Oregon defensive lineman Tony Washington sacked Arizona quarterback Anu Solomon on third down, but after the fourth quarter play ended Washington bowed toward the sideline in celebration and was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct.  

The controversial call took Arizona's position of having fourth-and-goal from the 17 and turned it into a first down at Oregon's eight yard line. Three straight Terris Jones-Grigsby rushes later, the Wildcats scored a touchdown for the decisive 31-24 lead.

Maybe Washington should have just told the overzealous officials he was praying.



  1. Replies
    1. just a huge moron. normal for his race!

    2. how about acting like you done it before...

    3. looks a kid celebrating to me...

  2. Why would a man want to Bow like a Geisha? Idiot cost them the game...

  3. Well, maybe everyone has overlooked (since the officiating team did) the six point fumble recovery that was taken away from Oregon. MAYBE that had an affect of the game. Maybe the brilliant catch that was ruled an incomplete affected the game. Certainly if the refs wore AZ outfits, that had not affected the game. How about the AZ quarterback clearly over the line of scrimmage throwing the ball for a ruled complete pass which If my memory serves me right, went on for a score...It should have been punted though. OR got ripped off and we are not suppose to talk of ref misconduct, misjudgment and even in the replay booth where they are suppose to catch what is missed on the field. OR got ripped off. Even the commentators used harsh verbage all during the game against OR before it even started.