Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Colin Kaepernick tapes over Beats logo to appease NFL (PHOTO)

Colin Kaepernick used a little ingenuity, and just a smidgen of athletic tape, in order to continue wearing his Beats in violation of the NFL's ban on the popular headphones within the 90-minute time frame of Monday night's 49ers-Rams game.

Just last week, Kaepernick received a $10,000 fine for brandishing the Beats name.

Standing in front of a backdrop touting with the #brands logo at Monday night's post-game presser, the defiant Niners quarterback draped the pink Beats around his neck with the tape strategically placed over the Beats logo.

Colin Kaepernick is wearing the pink Beats by Dre with tape covering the logo. He was fined $10K last week. He is appealing.

Bose, if you'll recall, is now the official headphone sponsor for the NFL, taking over that title from long-time sponsors Motorola. Kaepernick, meanwhile, has an endorsement deal with Beats. It just goes to show that NFL sponsorship or not, the players aren't going to change their tunes.

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