Friday, October 10, 2014

Flyers Ice Girls get luke-warm reception for wearing 'sensible' outfits in return (PHOTO)

After much public jeering from Philadelphia Flyers fans when their beloved Ice Girls cleaning crew were replaced by a group of men — who were relentlessly booed between periods during preseason home games earlier this year — the team caved in and brought back the ladies for Thursday's home opener at Wells Fargo Center.

Yet, it's hard to appease those finicky Philly fans.

Flyers fans are still upset over the new look female skaters who now wear long pants on the ice:

Rather than their popular hot pants:

And to top it off, there are only four Ice Girls and twice as many male shovelers during the game stoppages.

It'll be fun to see how the evolving saga of the Ice Girls plays out. But, after dropping to 0-2 after blowing the home opener 6-4 against the Devils, Flyers fans may find other things to focus their energy on.

Anyway, here's the scantily-clad Ice Girls we had come to know and love:

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