Wednesday, October 15, 2014

At 6-foot-11, Logan Routt is the tallest quarterback ever (VIDEO)

In case you haven't noticed, quarterbacks are getting a lot bigger these days, but nobody even comes close to the height one high school signal caller has reached.

Logan Routt, a 6'11", 220-pound quarterback at Cameron High School in Cameron, West Virginia is a playmaker who towers over teammates and opponents on the field and, according to Bleacher Report, is being called the tallest quarterback ever.

The senior is 3 inches taller than the tallest quarterback ever to play in the NFL (Dan McGwire) and a full 2 inches taller than Michael Humphrey, who at 6-9 made waves as a high school quarterback last fall before choosing to play basketball for Stanford.

While most "big" NFL quarterbacks usually top out at around 6'6",  Routt is "a legit 6-foot-11", according to his coach, Scott Holt.

Routt named Ben Roethlisberger (a mere 6'5") as the player he models his game after, but also has props for Brock Osweiler — the NFL's tallest quarterback at 6'8".

The three-sport star also plays basketball and baseball, where he excels. Says MaxPreps: "He took home all-state honorable mention honors for his work as a pitcher and first baseman."

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