Saturday, October 18, 2014

Argentinian soccer match called off after mass brawl and 12 red cards (VIDEO)

A wild brawl involving players, substitutes and riot police forced an Argentinian soccer match to be called off midway through the second half after 12 players were red carded.

With Deportivo Roca trailing 1-0 in a home home match against Cipolletti in Group One of the Torneo Federal A, the third tier in Argentina, the game erupted into chaos after two players were sent off following a seemingly harmless foul.

Following the melee, the referee handed out the 12 red cards and the game was cancelled.

Cipolletti defender Marcos Lamolla was initially given a yellow card for a foul on Fernando Fernandez, who protested and was sent off.

This led to more protests, a scuffle and Lamolla was given another yellow and dismissed.

A livid Lamolla then runs the entire length of the pitch to square up to Fernandez, who was already on his way to the dressing room, but then gets attacked by another player.

That's when the real crazy began as more kicks and punches fly all over the pitch and the police and officials tried to contain the free-for-all:  

Here's another angle:

This skirmish comes just days after a game between Serbia and Albania was called off due to a mass brawl after a drone carrying a politically insensitive flag flew over the pitch.

Yay soccer.

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